Invitation to Biathlon NB AGM 2019

Dear Members of Biathlon NB,   Attached please find the invitation to the Biathlon NB Annual General Meeting of Members being held at 13:00 hrs, Saturday, 4 May 2019 at the Goodie Shop Restaurant in Miramichi (Newcastle).   Please do come to the AGM and have your say in the overall governance of Biathlon NB and all of its operations. It should be noted that the agenda may change as a result of decisions and determinations arising from the Board planning meeting taking place on 23 April.   Please give this the widest distribution.

Happy Easter to all! 
Ray Kokkonen
President Biathlon New Brunswick
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Invitation AGM 2019.doc


13:00 hrs, 19 May 2018

Goodie Shop Restaurant, Miramichi (Newcastle)



Minutes AGM 2018.doc




14th Atlantic Biathlon Training Camp, Charlo, 25_26 August 2018

Attached please find the instruction for the 14th Atlantic Training Camp Charlo during 25/26 August 2018.

The weather is looking quite good for the weekend in Charlo but a bit warm with the forecast for 29 for Saturday and 26 for Sunday and a mix of sun and cloud for both days. 
I wish you safe travel to Charlo and look forward to seeing you there.  

14h Atlantic Training Camp 2018 - Instruction.doc

It is once again that time of the year and the 14th Atlantic Training Camp will take place as it has for the last 13 years. The invitation is attached and Zone 4 will be open for registrations on 3 August. All details are in the invitation and a camp instruction with the timetable will be issued after registrations are done.
We have been having great weather in NB for the last two weeks and hopefully we will get the same at the end of this month for the camp.
I look forward to seeing many of you at Les Aventuriers for the camp.
  With best regards,  
Ray   Kokkonen

Invitation - 14th Atlantic Biathlon Training Camp, Charlo, 25_26 August 2018



All members of Biathlon New Brunswick are cordially invited to attend the Biathlon New Brunswick Annual General Meeting 2018.  Notice of this meeting was given in the minutes of AGM 2017 and has been published in the Biathlon NB Annual Plan. However, date conflicts caused a change from 12 May to 19 May.  


Time/Date: 13:00 hrs ADT, Saturday, 19 May 2018 – expected to be finished by 16:00 hrs.


Place:  Goodie Shop Restaurant (downstairs), 20 Fountain Head Lane, Miramichi (Newcastle)




1.         Call to Order/Preliminaries - Notice of Meeting, Agenda, Review of Minutes of AGM 2017


2.         Reports for Season 2017/2018 – President, Financial, Head Coach, Biathlon Canada


3.         Sport and Recreation Consultant's Comments


4.         Sanctioning the Actions of the Board


5.         Plans for 2018/2019 – Calendar: Events, Provincial Squad/Team, Coaches/Officials


6.         Budget 2018/2019


7.         Policies - Concussion Policy, Revised Critical Objectives, Revised Terms of Reference


8.         Appointment of Auditors, Financial Review


9.         Elections: Officials Chair, Director(s) at Large if necessary


10        Ratification of Athlete Representative, Cadet Representative


11.       Awards Announcement: Male and Female Athlete, Coach, Volunteer(s) of the Year, Builder,                                                Contributing Organization of the Year, Outstanding Service Award     


12.       Other Business


13.       Next Meeting(s)


14.       Adjournment




1. The AGM will be conducted according to Biathlon NB meeting procedures.

2. All members in good standing of Biathlon NB present at the AGM are entitled to vote – no proxies.

3. Motions and nominations may be made from the floor by members.

4. If you wish to have agenda input, please contact Ray Kokkonen.

5. Meeting information packages will be sent by e-mail and also will be available at the AGM.

6. For additional information, please contact Ray Kokkonen at:


 Tel: 506-627-6437

e-mail:   website:


13:00 hrs, 13 May 2017 Goodie Shop Restaurant, Miramichi (Newcastle)


Charlo (Les Aventuriers)Andre Boissonnault Ron HeppellMike LushingtonKrista PetersenEmily ComeauMiramichiRay KokkonenJulie MartinTrent Martin Liam Septon Paula SeptonDenis St. GermainNicholas St. GermainYves St. GermainMichael VautourTrina VautourDavid VeyseyAndrew Costain

Oromocto Biathlon ClubMichel CoteKelly HarrisSusan HawkinsEric Hebert
Sport Consultant Wellness, Culture and Sport NB
Jason Arseneault


1.1.  Opening
The meeting was called to order at 1300 hrs, 13 May 2017 by President Ray Kokkonen. He welcomed and thanked all members for attending, especially on a weekend. He stated that notice of meeting was verified as having been given to the membership in The minutes of the AGM 2016 and in the Annual Plan. In order to set a biathlon theme, Ray showed a portion of a biathlon video.
1.2. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as presented. Motion # 1 - “To approve the agenda as presented”. Moved by Andre Boissonnault, seconded by Kelly Harris- Carried.
1.3. Review of Minutes
The minutes of the AGM 2015 were reviewed and approved. Motion #2 - "To approve the 2016 AGM minutes as presented". Moved by Mike Lushington, seconded by Paula Septon - Carried


2.1 President– 2016/2017 Year -End SummaryRay presented his written report which was submitted with the package, highlighting important aspects. The report is attached.

2.2. Treasurer- Financial ReportThe Treasurer, Paula Septon, reviewed the written financial report and highlighted key items. The report is attached. She underlined once again the inherent challenges in producing a complete financial report in time for the mid -April funding submission, recognizing that the biathlon year does not really wrap up until late April – and that some booking items may becarried over into the upcoming year.Motion #3– “To approve the financial report for FY 2016/2017 as presented, subject to an independent review that is to be conducted later in the spring". Moved by Paula Septon, Seconded by David Veysey – Carried.
Ray Kokkonen reminded the meeting that Biathlon New Brunswick does not have a legal obligation to have an Audited Report.

2.3. Athlete Representative Report Athlete Representative Lauren Martin
Was unable to attend the meeting, so Trent Martin offered her report. She expressed general athlete satisfaction, but asked that consideration be given to a new design for medals that are to be awarded at Biathlon New Brunswick competitions. She and Ray Kokkonen will undertake to explore the options for a new design.
2.4. Head Coach Report Provincial Head Coach
Trent Martin supplemented his written report included in the AGM package and expressed his satisfaction with the direction that athlete development was proceeding.
2.5. Biathlon Canada ReportRay Kokkonen gave a brief verbal report on affairs concerning Biathlon Canada. He indicated that there were continuing difficulties as a result of the move of the Biathlon Canada office to Canmore from Ottawa. He also underlined ongoing problems with communications, particularly in the dissemination of timely information.

2.6. Masters Committee Report
Provincial Masters Coach Mike Lushington presented a report that had been circulated on line, in w hich he highlighted the Masters’ trip for the International Masters Competitions in Kontiolahti, Finland as being the prime satisfaction in a very good year for the Masters program in New Brunswick.


Sport Consultant Jason Arseneault offered a brief explanation of his role and of how funding for organizations such as Biathlon New Brunswick receive funding from his department. In all, he felt that Biathlon New Brunswick’s work of long-term development was proceeding very well.


After the reports, the following motion was made.
Motion #4 – “To sanction the actions of the Board for FY 2016/2017.” Moved by David Veysey, seconded by Susan Hawkins – Carried.

5. PLANS FOR 2017/201 8

The tabled annual plan was reviewed, discussed and amended:
Motion #5 – “To approve the annual plan for FY 2017/2018 as presented and amended, in principle, subject to necessary program changes.” Moved by Susan Hawkins, seconded by Trent Martin – Carried.

6. BUDGET 2017/201 8

The budget for Fiscal Year 2017/2018 was presented by Paula Septon and was reviewed and amended as necessary.
Motion #6 – “To approvethe budget for FY 2017/2018 as presented and amended, including the purchase of a rifle, in principle, subject to necessary programchanges.” Moved by Paula Septon, seconded by Krista Petersen – Carried.


Ray Kokkonen presented revised Biathlon NB Terms of Reference and Critical Objectives andOperating Principles. After discussions, the following motions were made:
Motion #7 – “ To approve the revised Terms of Reference for Biathlon NB Board and appointed positions as presented”. Moved by Paula Septon, seconded by Philip Nadeau – Carried.

Ray Kokkonen explained the changes in the Critical Objectives and Operating Principles document and requested approval of it.
Motion #8 – "To approve the revised Critical Objectives and Operating Principles as presented". Moved by Kelly Harris, seconded by Eric Hebert - Carried.

Selection Criteria for the upcoming 2019 Canada Winter Games were reviewed. The term,“talent squad,” was deleted . Anyone who meets the criteria for age and residency, as well as performance during specified selection events, is eligible for selection to the team for the Games, exactly as has been the case of the 2007, 2011, and 2015 Winter Games.
Motion #9 – "To approve the revised Canada Winter Games Talent ID and Selection Criteria as revised". Moved by Susan Hawkins, seconded by Trina Vautour - Carried.

Biathlon NB Harassment PolicyThe new Biathlon NB Harassment Policy was tabled by Ray Kokkonen.Motion #10 – "To approve the new Biathlon NB Harassment Policy as presented".  Moved by Trent Martin, seconded by Michel Cote - Carried.Biathlon NB Conflict of Interest PolicyThe new Biathlon NB Conflict of Interest Policy was tabled by Ray Kokkonen.
Montion #11– "To approve the new Biathlon NB Conflict of Interest Policy as presented". Moved by Mike Lushington, seconded by Trina Vautour - Carried.

Biathlon NB Masters Guidelines PolicyOn May 8, via email, Andre Boissonnault moved that the Biathlon NB Masters policy be formalized according to guidelines set forth in that motion, which was presented to the Annual General Meeting.
Motion #12 – "To approve the new Biathl on NB Masters Policy as presented". Moved by Andre Boissonnault, seconded by Mike Lushington - Carried.


Appointment of Auditors, Financial Review It was agreed to continue the previously approved system of an internal audit annually, prior to the AGM, with the group consisting of the Treasurer as ex-officio and one non-Board member each from the three clubs


Elections to fill lapsed and vacant Board positions and to ratify the Athlete Representative were conducted as follows for the listed positions.


President Ray Kokkonen

Vice -president Cindy Bovenizer

Secretary Mike Lushington

Treasurer Paula Septon

Coaching Developmen Yves St. Germain

Membership  Susan Hawkins

Masters’ Committee Andre Boissonnault 

Marketing and Fundraising Trina Vautour

Ratification of Athlete Representative:

Motion #13 – "To ratify the election of Lauren Martin by the athletes as the Athlete Representative. Moved by Kelly Harris, seconded by Andre Boissonnault - Carried.


Cadet Representative  Andrew Costain

The following Biathlon NB Team Staff appointments were made
Provincial Coach Trent Martin
Female Coach  Natalie Landry
Masters’ Coach  Mike Lushington
Shooting Coach  Phil Nadeau, Elyard Harris
Waxing Technician Yves St. Germain
Team Physicians  Dr. Kris Wierzchoslawski, Dr. Vona MacMillan

CanadaWinter Games 2019 Staff

The following were appointed as the CWG 2019 Staff.
Male Coach  Yves St.Germain
Female Coach  Natalie Landry
Team Manager Paula Septon
Wax Technician   Trent Martin


The annual awards for 2015/2016, determined by the Board, were announced to the AGM:
Coach of the Year: Michel Cote
Volunteers of Year:  Susan Hawkins and Guy Daigle
Athletes of Year: Female - Dolores Berube and Julie Martin
Male - Felix Cote
Builder: Marion Heppell
Valued Supporting Organization: Not selected


The next meetings were set in the annual plan:
Board Meeting – 8 December 2017, Conference Call(TBC)
Planning Meeting – 19 April 2018,Conference Call (TBC)
Annual General Meeting – 12May 2017, Miramichi(TBC)


The President adjourned the meeting at 15:20hrs after thanking everyone for their contributions and for attending the AGM on a spring Saturday when there were  so many other things to do
Motion #9 - “To adjourn the AGM".  Moved by Eric Hebert, seconded by Kelly Harris Original Signed by

Ray Kokkonen





The Atlantic Cup #2 and New Brunswick Championships 2018 event is being held at Les Aventuriers in Charlo, 16-18 February 2018. It is an excellent opportunity for Biathlon NB to participate at a fairly high level of competition at home, especially with the Canadian Championships being held on the same venue in March. Most arrangements for the event have been made and this instruction is directed to the NB Team and summarizes and confirms the Team's participation in the event. The event invitation must be read in conjunction with this instruction - it provides all of the event details. The invitation is attached.
Biathlon NB will participate with the largest possible Team in AC #2 and NBCH in Charlo during 16-18 February 2018.


1. To provide competition experience for NB athletes and coaches in preparation for the Canadian Championships being held in Charlo in March 2018.
2. To win as many medals as possible and to achieve personal bests.
3. To provide hosting experience for Les Aventuriers organizers in preparation for the Canadian Championships 2018.


The Biathlon NB Team will consist of a 29 registered athletes and a minimum of five Team Technical Staff and a Team Administrator.


Registrations were made individually on Zone 4, which closed for registrations at 23:59 hrs on 13 February 2018. EVENT


The program for the event is in the invitation.


Event Team Fee As is standard practice, in addition to the registration fees and meal fees paid on Zone 4, all participating Biathlon NB athletes were required to pay an additional fee of $50 on Zone 4 to Biathlon NB for coaching support, waxing and ammunition. Those that did not pay the Team fee on Zone 4 are to pay as arranged with the Team Administrator.


Travel to and from and during the event, will be the responsibility and at the cost of the club teams.


Accommodations are the responsibility of the athletes and club coaches. Most arrangements for accommodation have been completed.


All participants are responsible for their own meals for the duration of the event, including the banquet. Most participants have opted for the lunch plan and the banquet set up by the Organizers.

Equipment and Necessities

Ammunition will be provided by Biathlon NB. Equipment and other necessities will be as directed by the club coaches. All Biathlon NB rifles must be brought to the event.


Appointments Team Leader/Head Coach – Trent Martin
Coaches - Mike Lushington, Michel Cote
Wax Technicians: Yves St. Germain
Team Administrator - Paula Septon
Other Team Staff appointments will be as directed by the Team Leader.

Telephone contacts during the event are:

Trent Martin mobile: 506-623-9161
Paula Septon mobile: 506-623-8118
Yves St. Germain mobile: 506-625-4459
Ray Kokkonen mobile: 506-627-6437


Safety will be of the utmost priority during the event. All participants must be extremely alert at all times for unsafe situations and must be vigilantly proactive about prevention of accidents of any kind. All IBU range safety regulations and firearms safety laws shall be followed.


This instruction is subject to any necessary changes directed by the Team Leader during the event.
Ray Kokkonen
14 February 2018


Eastern Canadians – Mar 2 – 4. 

Paula has reserved a block of rooms for the  Eastern Canadians – Mar 2 – 4.  at the Quality Inn & Suites in Cornwall, PEI.  They are reserved under Biathlon NB.  If you want one you need to call them now. 

Quality Inn & Suites – 1-902-892-7900.
Price  $104
2 queens  or 1 king and sleeper sofa.
There are only a few left


28 JANUARY 2018


BROOKVALE, PE, 2-4 February 2018


The Biathlon NB Annual Plan calls for Biathlon NB participation at the Atlantic Cup #1 event being held in
Brookvale, PE, 2-4 February 2018. It is an opportunity for Biathlon NB to continue improving its Team's
performance before the Canadian Championships. This instruction provides the details for the NB Team
participation in AC #1. For details, please see the attached event invitation.


Biathlon NB will participate with a Team in the Atlantic Cup #1 in Brookvale, PE during 2-4 February 2018.


3.1. To provide continued competition experience for NB athletes and coaches.
3.2. To provide Team management experience for the NB Team Staff in preparation for the
Canadian Championships in March 2018.
3.3. To win as many medals as possible and to achieve personal bests.
3.4. To enjoy Team comradeship.


The program is detailed in the event invitation which is attached


Registrations will be done on Zone 4 individually or by the club. The deadline for registrations on
Zone 4 is 31 January 2018. It appears that up to 18 NB athletes will participate.


In addition to the registration fee on Zone 4, all participating athletes are to pay a Team fee of $80 to
Biathlon NB for waxing, ammunition and coaching support for the athletes. The fee will be collected on
site by the Team Administrator. Paula Septon.


Travel, accommodations and meals will be an individual responsibility.


Mobile telephone contacts during the event are:

Trent Martin - 506- 623-9161
Yves St. Germain - 506-625-4459
Paula Septon - 506-623-8118


Safety will be of the utmost priority during the event. All participants must be extremely alert at all timesfor unsafe situations and must be vigilantly proactive about prevention of accidents of any kind. All IBUrange safety regulations and firearms laws shall be followed.

Ray Kokkonen
 January 2018

The Bronze/Silver Community Coaching workshop

Saturday January 27 in Miramichi.

There will be a classroom and skiing sessions.

The classroom portion will be held at Airtanker Base Conference Room at 56 Perimeter Road starting at 9 am.

Directions: coming from the north from Tim Horton/Hwy 11 Irving, drive south, the driveway is on the right by
the 80 km sign, coming from the south going north, the entrance is on the left by the 70 km sign just pass Armour Transport.

Then around noon we will proceed to the ski club for the ski portion. We hope to finish around 4:30pm.
The cost of the workshop is $30, payable to Biathlon NB, for MBI memberships, the club will cover the cost.

I would anyone taking part of the course to notify me no later then this Wednesday Jan. 24 by email mention below.
Also, you all have to be a current member of Biathlon Canada

Yves St-Germain


Biathlon Race Suits

These suits only get ordered once a year so don't miss out.....

Must order by Oct 10

Payment due when the order arrives
Payment is to be made out to Biathlon NB
She hasn't said how much but it is usually around 70-80 for the pants and shirts

Please send the request to
or call External link opens in new tab or windowMarion Ron Heppell Jung at 1-506-684-1905

She needs to have an order of a minimum order of
race pants (6)
Race shirt (6)
vest (6)
to order each type