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Registration for Fall biathlon camp to be hosted by BPEI

Below is the latest information about the PEI camp. Biathlon NB will participate as a Team.


Registration will be by individuals or by clubs on behalf of members:

Registration closes at 1200 hrs ADT, 22 September 2017.


A $50 Biathlon NB Team fee will be collected on site by the NB Team Administrator.


There has been no actual invitation yet but once it’s received, a Biathlon NB instruction

for participation at the camp will be issued.


As an important note, when you register please inform Paul Septon and Ray Kokkonen  by email:,

Here is the plan for our weekend.

Friday evening: Summer Biathlon at Brookvale Nordic, Mass Start format, zero 5:45 pm, start 6:15 pm
Saturday morning/afternoon: roller ski training in Cavendish & shooting training at Brookvale Nordic
Saturday evening: group activity in Cavendish for all
Sunday morning: roller ski activity in Cavendish & shooting activity at Brookvale Nordic
Estimated wrap-up time: 1:30 pm

Biathlon NB will participate with an official Team in the Fall Training Camp in Brookvale, PE during 22-24 September 2017.


1. To provide a pre-snow training opportunity for NB athletes
2. To provide coaching experience for NB coaches
3. To provide team management experience for the NB Team staff

Registration on Zone 4 for the event is still open. It appears from the athletes who have let me know and from various other sources that we will have 15 plus athletes and an official Team Staff of four.

The camp activity program is given in the attached document.

All travel, accommodation and meals are the responsibility of clubs or individuals. A subsidy will be provided for the Team Staff members on an individual basis as arranged with the Team Administrator, Paula Septon. As previously advised, an
NB Team fee of $50 is to be paid by all participating athletes. Collection of the fee will be done by the Paula on site.

Athletes are to bring the equipment and necessities as directed in the invitation and by club coaches.


Emergency telephone contact during the camp is to Trent Martin’s cell 506-623-9161
or Paula Septon’s cell 506-623-8118.

Team Leader/NB Head Coach – Trent Martin
Coaches – Michel Cote, Yves St. Germain, Denis St. Germain
Team Administrator – Paula Septon

Safety will be of the utmost priority during travel to and from the camp and at the event. All participants must be extremely alert at all times for unsafe situations and must be vigilantly proactive about prevention of accidents of any kind. All range
safety regulations and firearms safety laws shall be tringently followed.

Ray Kokkonen