A Word from Head Coach Trent Martin for the year 2018/2019.

Meet Mike Lushington who is currently the Provincial Masters' Coach and Master Coach Les Adventuriers -    Charlo


 Certified with the National Coaching Certification Program as:

  - Level III Cross Country Skiing

  - Level III Biathlon 

  - Level III - Master Coaching Instructor under the old NCCP program for Cross Country Skiing

  - Level III- Master Coaching Instructor under the old NCCP program  for the generic coaching certication

In all, I have offered more than 100 courses across the province and elsewhere in these disciplines

Coaching since - late 1970's

Like so many coaches, I started because my kids were involved with the sport - in this case, cross country skiing


When did I start skiing? Shooting?

 I started skiing just before I started coaching - it was a family project for us and it just kept on going.   I started shooting as a kid.


What do I like the best about coaching?

The whole process of teaching  of of interacting with my athletes. I have long since defined myself as a life-style coach, rather than a competitive coach. I pride myself on being a good competitive coach, but I take great satisfaction in being able to contribute to helping athletes develop those life skills that have importance far beyond the competitive world.


What does a typical day of coaching consist of in the fall  or winter, for that matter?.

  I hold three coaching sessions a week from late May until mid- to late April each year. These sessions run for  about 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday  evenings and for somewhat over two hours on Sunday mornings? They always consist of a session on core-strength development, one on general endurance or speed, a session for zeroing rifles and a lengthy drill on shooting. The time of year dictates the specifics of each session.  Our training sessions are busy and stimulating - there is very little "down-time" in any of them.


Do competitive Masters need their own equipment?

   BNB owns and lends several rifles and the Masters have taken advantage of this in Charlo. We currently have three rifles that are being used by my athletes. That said, we are constantly advising them to purchase their won rifles, and over the past three years, at least fifteen of them have done so.   Athletes are fully responsible for all the rest of their equipment.


What does a Master athlete need to bring to his/her first practice?

  a sense of enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, and a degree of patience, especially when it comes to the shooting side of things.  I should add that, currently, nearly all masters athletes train together in Charlo; there are two or three that do so in Miramichi. I would love to see more active masters groups in the province  and am willing to do what I can to promote that by travelling to sites and by offering developmental clinics or whatever