posted 19/05/2014

The Biathlon NB Annual General Meeting for 2014 was was held in Miramichi (Newcastle) on Saturday, 17 May. Considering it was a long weekend, the turnout was very good.

An Executive meeting was held prior to the AGM to make final preparations and to select the recipients of the Biathlon NB annual awards.

Highlights of the decisions made at the AGM are:

1. Annual Plan for 2014/2015

2. The budget for 2014/2015

3. Purchase of an Eko-Rifle as a training aid and demonstrator

Congratulations to the recipients of the Annual Awards who are:

Female Athletes of the Year: Dolores Berube, Emma Septon

Male Athlete of the Year: Jim Ketterling

Coach of the Year: Trent Martin

Builder: Marc Levesque

Valued Contributing Organization: Canadian Championships 2014

                                                     Organizing Committee

Looking at the future, the spring training camp scheduled to be held in Martock, NS during 31 May/1 June has been cancelled. Biathlon NB will host its own camp in Charlo during 28/29 June 2014. The 10th Atlantic Training Camp will take place in Charlo during 23/24 August.

Details of the Annual Plan 2014/2015 and other AGM decisions will be posted shortly when the minutes of the meeting are completed.

PREVIOUS NEWS ******************************************

9th Atlantic Training Camp a Success! - posted 02/09/2013

The camp was held as planned with over 50 athletes, coaches and supporters taking part from all three Maritime provinces at Les Aventuriers Ski Club in Charlo during 24 and 25 August. Roller-skiing with video analysis, lots of shooting, cross-fit training and other useful biathlon activities kept everyone busy. The cross-fit training caused some soreness and stiffness on Sunday morning.

The "Turkey Shoot" competition again was a very popular way of improving shooting under pressure. Of course, the real test was the run-and-shoot competition on Sunday morning with 10 km and 7.5 km courses with four bouts of shooting and a 4.5 km competition with two bouts to keep everyone very active.

Saturday evening supper with everyone together eating spaghetti and caesar salad was enjoyable as always.

Many thanks to the athletes, the Camp Director, Mike Lushington, the coaches and the supporters for their excellent cooperation, discipline and good will.

The next big activity will be the Fall Training Camp being hosted by Biathlon PEI in Brookvale during 5 and 6 October.

Coach Bob Davis demonstrates shooting techniques to the ladies

at the 9th Atlantic Training Camp at Les Aventuriers in Charlo.

9th Atlantic Training Camp - posted 10/08/2013

The 9th Atlantic Training Camp will be hosted by Biathlon NB at Les Aventuriers Ski Club in Charlo during 24/25 August 2013. Athletes, coaches and supporters from all four of the Atlantic provinces have been invited. In the past, participation in the camp has been about a total of 50 people.

The camp program will consist of competition shooting (as opposed to precision shooting), fall training techniques, mental training, a cross-fit training session and a time trial, to be run as a formal run/shoot competition.

Biathlon NB will sponsor the Saturday evening meal for all participants, a very popular social gathering in the past.

For further details, please see INVITATION. A camp instruction will be issued on 19 August.

We hope to see many of you at the camp.

Annual General Meeting 2013 Held - posted 08/05/2013

The Biathlon NB 2013 AGM was held in Miramichi on 4 May 2013 with good attendance. An Executive meeting preceded the AGM. Normal annual business was conducted with the annual plan and budget being approved. As well elections were held and the recipients of the annual awards were announced. Congratulations to the recipients of the very well deserved awards:

Female Athlete of the Year: Dolores Berube

Male Athlete of the Year: Kevin Heppell

Volunteer of the Year: Cindy Bovenizer

Builder Award: Maurice Chasse

Valued Contibuting Organization: NB Wellness, Culture and Sport

All of the information about the AGM is contained in the minutes of the meeting below.


The next event on the horizon is the Spring Training Camp being held in Charlo 18/19 May 2013.

Mid-Season Update - posted 22/02/2013

There has been a considerable amount of activities in Biathlon NB. Atlantic Cup #2 in Brookvale, PE during 16/17 February was attended by about NB 20 athletes and many coaches and supporters. As bad weather was expected on Sunday, the teams departed for home to avoid very bad road conditions. With a very good medals count, the NB Team came home happy.

With Atlantic Cup #3 being held this weekend, 23/24 February, a small NB Team is currently en route to Martock, NS for two days of competitions.

Unfortunately, because of insufficient numbers of registrations for North American Cup #7 in Charlo during 1-3 March, the event had to be cancelled.

The next high profile event will be the US National Championships in Fort Kent ME which will be attended by a Biathlon NB Team of about ten athletes with coaches and supporters.

The final major event of the season will be the North American and Canadian Championships in Whistler, BC during 15-20 March. A small NB Team, led by Yves St. Germain and Andre Boissonnault is looking forward to good results.

Season Start in Charlo - posted 28/01/2013

The competittive season for most NB biathletes started 25-27 January in Charlo. Mike Lushington, the Biathlon NB Head Coach, describes the event below.

Les Aventuriers de Charlo hosted a major biathlon event last weekend (January 26 and 27). This event combined the New Brunswick Championships, the first Atlantic Cup of the year, and the Eastern Canadian Championships. More than fifty athletes from Ontario , Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland/Labrador joined those from New Brunswick for Sprint competitions on Saturday and the Pursuit on Sunday.

NB athletes performed extremely well under very cold, trying conditions on both days and multiple medals were won by athletes from clubs all across New Brunswick:

Canadian Championships 2013 Team Selected 

Based on their performance at last weekend's event, Biathletes Lindsay Arsenault. Zacharie Boissonnault, Kevin Heppell, and Gabrielle Landry from Les Aventuriers de Charlo qualified for the National Championships that will be held in Whistler, British Columbia from the 15th to the 20th of March. They will be joined by the father and son team of Stephan and Philippe Hamel from Oromocto. The team will be led by Yves St. Germain from Miramichi and by Andre Boissonnault from Campbellton. They and other NB athletes will also be competing in Atlantic Cup competitions in Prince Edward Island, the US National Championship in Fort Kent, Maine, and the North American Cup #7 in Charlo between the middle of February and the Canadian Championships in Whistler, BC, 15 - 20 March 2013.

Canadian Championships - Season End - posted 20/03/2012

The Canadian Championships were held in CFB Valcartier, QC during 12 - 18 March 2012. Biathlon NB participated with 11 athletes and with three coaches. As well, several parents and supporters accompanied the Team. The NB Team included:

Team Leader/Head Coach: Line Beattie, Charlo

Shooting Coach: Phil Nadeau, Dalhousie

Wax Technician/Team Administrator: Yves St.Germain, Miramichi

Athletes (by Club)

Lindsay Arsenault, Senior Girl, Charlo

Zacharie Boissonnault, Senior Boy, Charlo

Sabrina Charette, Senior Girl, Moncton

Philippe Hamel, Senior Boy, Oromocto

Stephan Hamel, Master Man, Oromocto

Gina Heppell, Youth Woman, Charlo

Kevin Heppell, Junior Man, Charlo

Jim Ketterling, Master Man, Oromocto

Alexandre Landry, Youth Man, Charlo

Gabrielle Landry, Senior Girl, Charlo

Bernard Wierzchoslawski, Youth Man, Miramichi

The Team achieved very credible results with four medals, the most ever won by NB at the Canadian Championships. Honours went to two Master Men: Stephan Hamel, Oromocto, with a Gold in the Pursuit and to Jim Ketterling, Oromocto, with three Silvers for the Individual, Sprint and Pursuit. Extremely well done Stephan and Jim!

For detailed performances, please see RESULTS.

Outstanding Success at Easterns! - posted 22/02/2012

Team NB participated at the Eastern Canadian Championships 2012 and Atlantic Cup #2 in Brookvale, PE during 17 - 19 February 2012 with outstanding success.

Here is the very commendable 19 medal sweep by the NB Team:


Junior Men: Gold - Kevin Heppell, Charlo

Youth Men: Bronze - Bernard Wierzchoslawski, Miramichi

Senior Boys: Gold - Zacharie Boissonnault, Charlo

Silver - Philippe Hamel, Oromocto

Junior Boys: Gold - Matthew Rinehart, Oromocto

Master Men: Gold - Stephan Hamel, OromoctoSilver - Jim Ketterling, Oromocto

Youth Women: Gold - Gina Heppell, Charlo

Senior Girls: Gold - Linday Arsenault, Charlo,

Bronze - Sabrina Charette, Moncton


Junior Men: Gold - Kevin Heppell, Charlo

Senior Boys: Gold - Zacharie Boissonnault, Charlo

Bronze - Philippe Hamel, Oromocto

Junior Boys: Silver - Matthew Rinehart, Oromocto

Master Men: Gold - Stephan Hamel, Oromocto

Silver - Jim Ketterling, Oromocto

Youth Women: Silver - Gina Heppell, Charlo

Senior Girls: Silver - Sabrina Charette, Moncton

Bronze - Lindsay Arsenault, Charlo

Several of these athletes will compete in Martock, Nova Scotia (at the Canada Games 2011 site) this coming weekend - and then preparations begin in earnest for the Canadian Championships in Val Cartier, beginning on March 13. The team representing New Brunswick at these competitions will be officially announced shortly.


PREVIOUS NEWS ******************************************

Atlantic Cup #2 Postponed! - posted 4/02/2012

The Atlantic Cup # 2 and NS Championships event which was planned for 28/29 January in Martock, NS had to be postponed because of bad road conditions for out-of-province travellers. New dates for the event are 25/26 February 2012. Everyone felt disappointed but it would not have been prudent to venture on the roads at the time.

The next important event will be the Eastern Canadian Championships and Atlantic Cup #3 being held in Brookvale, PE during 18/19 February 2012. Biathlon NB will be participating with 20 plus competitors.

Best-ever Medals Haul for NB at NAC #3! - posted 23/01/2012

North American Cup #3 was held in Fort Kent, Maine during 20 - 22 January 2012. The NB Team made an outstanding performance by winning a total of 10 medals!

Below is a report of the event by Line Beattie, Team Leader and Head Coach.

10 Medals for Biathlon NB Athletes !


Biathlon NB athletes participated in the international Biathlon North American Cup #3 at the 10 th Mountain Center in Fort Kent , Maine on January 21-22, 2012 . The results are as follows:


Junior Men: Kevin Heppell placed 4 th for the Sprint and 6 th for the Mass Start. Youth Men: Bernard Wierzchoslawski placed 3 rd for the Sprint and 4 th for the Mass Start, Martin Boissonnault placed 4 th for the Sprint and 3 rd for the Mass Start, Alexandre Landry placed 5 th for the Mass Start. Masters Men: Jim Ketterling placed 2 nd for the Sprint and 2 nd for the Mass Start, Kris Wierzchoslawski placed 3 rd for the Sprint and 3 rd for the Mass Start, Stephan Hamel placed 1 st for the Mass Start. Youth Women: Gina Heppell placed 1 st for the Sprint and 1 st for the Mass Start, Gabrielle Landry placed 2 nd for the Mass Start. Senior Boys: Zacharie Boissonnault placed 1 st for the Sprint and 1 st for the Mass Start, Philippe Hamel placed 4 th for the Sprint and 4 th for the Mass Start. Senior Girls: Gabrielle Landry placed 1 st for the Sprint.


10 médailles pour les athlètes de Biathlon N.-B. !


Les athlètes de Biathlon N.-B. ont participé à la Cup #3 Nord Américaine internationale au Centre 10th Mountain à Fort Kent, Maine les 21-22 janvier 2012. Voici les résultats :


Hommes junior : Kevin Heppell 4 e au Sprint et 6 e au Départ de masse. Hommes juvénile : Bernard Wierzchoslawski 3 e au Sprint et 4 e au Départ de masse, Martin Boissonnault 4 e au Sprint et 3 e au Départ de masse, Alexandre Landry 5 e au Départ de masse. Maîtres homme : Jim Ketterling 2 e au Sprint et 2 e au Départ de masse, Kris Wierzchoslawski 3 e au Sprint et 3 e au Départ de masse, Stephan Hamel 1 er au Départ de masse. Femmes juvénile : Gina Heppell 1 ière au Sprint et 1 ière au Départ de Masse, Gabrielle Landry 2 e au Départ de masse. Garçons sénior : Zacharie Boissonnault 1 er au Sprint et 1 er au Départ de masse, Philippe Hamel 4 e au Sprint et 4 e au Départ de masse. Filles sénior : Gabrielle Landry 1 ière au Sprint.

Training Camp a Huge Success! - posted 19/12/2011

The pre-season training camp was held at Les Aventuriers in Charlo during the weekend of 17 and 18 December, on excellent snow and well groomed trails. A total of 45 athletes, coaches and supporters from New Brunswick and PEI participated in shooting, skiing and mental preparation exercises to get ready for the coming season. Mike Lushington, the Camp Director and Biathlon NB Head Coach said it was the largest-ever camp in NB and was held in a highly cooperative atmosphere of sharing and friendship.

Saturday evening was a social event with a pizza supper and then continued with more briefings and the movie "50 Years of Biathlon". Sunday morning was a crisp surprise with the temperature at about minus 25 C but good spirits prevailed assisted by heavier clothing and scarf covered faces. All in all, it was the best-ever camp and the intention is to continue with more of the same.

Now we wait for the Atlantic Cup #1 and the NB Championships to be held 6-8 January 2012 in Charlo. Participation is expected to be very good with a prediction of about 20 athletes from PEI alone and a bigger one from NB with a good contingent expected from NS as well. Until then, I wish everyone a very happy, safe and peaceful Christmas and look forward to seeing many of you early in the new year.

Upcoming Events - posted 2/12/2011

Several events will be held in the relatively near future as follows:

10 December 2011

Coaching Learning Facilitator Course, Halifax, two NB coaches attending: Bob Davis, Oromocto, Yves St, Germain, Miramichi.

15 December 2011

Biathlon NB Executive meeting by conference call at 1900 hrs.

Meeting package will be sent soon.

7/8 January 2012

Atlantic Cup #1 and NB Championships, Charlo. Invitation to be posted soon.

13-15 January 2012

North American Championships 2011, Jericho, VT.


20-22 January 2012

North American Cup #3, Fort Kent, ME, see INVITATION

NB Cadet Championships, Charlo

For the entire NB Annual Plan, see PLAN 2011/2012

Further information will be sent at the appropriate time.

Fall Atlantic Training Camp to be Held in PEI - posted 15/10/2011

Following the highly successful 7th Atlantic Training Camp held in Charlo, NB in August of this year, the Fall Atlantic Training Camp will be held Brookvale, PE during 21-23 October 2011. About a dozen of Biathlon NB athletes will attend accompanied by four coaches and two supporters. Both NS and PE will also be fielding athletes and coaches at the camp.

Training at the camp will focus primarily on shooting with pole walking and other fitness execises. There will be a run-and-shoot competition as well. The camp is expected to be well attended and successful.

1st Atlantic Cup, NB Championships a Success - posted 12/01/11 The first Atlantic Cup of the season was held in conjunction with the New Brunswick Championships during 7-9 January 2011 in Charlo. Athletes from the three Maritime provinces competed for medals in the two combined events. Altogether, the field totalled 39 athletes. As well, the event was honoured by the presence of Stephen Hale, President of Biathlon Canada.

A snowfall, which continued during the event, made skiing conditions extremely difficult and tiring but the athletes persevered and the event was totally successful. The banquet held on Saturday evening in the Les Aventuriers chalet, hosted by the Les Aventuriers Juniors, featured an excellent meal and raised spirits while celebrating the very amicable Maritime unity which was clearly evident.

Additionally, Biathlon New Brunswick completed its team selections for the Canada Winter Games 2011 at the event. - the Games will be held in Nova Scotia in February. The selection process began on December 28 and 29 and consisted of four competitions with the two best results determining their selection.


Eight athletes were selected to represent NB at the Games. Kevin and Gina Heppell, Gabrielle Landry, and Laurent Levesque are from Charlo; Helene Levesque is from Eel River Crossing (and is the currently reigning Dalhousie Miss Bon Ami), and Martin Boissonnault is from Campbellton. The other two athletes are from Miramichi: Bernard and Miriam Wierzchoslawski. They will be joined by a coaching staff made up of Line Beattie (Charlo), Philip Nadeau (Balmoral), Yves St. Germain (Miramichi), and Mike Lushington (Point LaNim).


Kevin Heppell and Laurent Levesque provide a depth of experience for these Games. Both athletes competed in White Horse four years ago. It is anticipated that they will lead the strongest biathlon team ever to represent New Brunswick at the Canada Winter Games.

The Team is pictured below - missing are Martin Boissonnault and Yves St. Germain.


Canada Winter Games Trial No. 1 Held          posted 01/01/11

Mother Nature finally gave a faint smile, just enough for the Trial 1 of the Canada Winter Games 2011 selections to be held in Charlo. Originally, the event was planned for 18/19 December but the lack of snow caused it to be delayed to 28/29 December. That change now moves Trial 2 to the Atlantic Cup 1 and the NB Championships during 7 - 9 January 2011.

The event was attended by 11 CWG 2011 hopefuls who skied the trails on very sparse snow cover. Four female and seven male competitors competed on Saturday and Sunday with the men skiing 10 km and the women 7.5 km on both days. Many volunteers, most of them parents of the competing athletes, provided officiating support for the event. As well, some of the mothers made everyone very gratefull with hot soup and baked goodies to counter the effects of the cold windy weather.

Photos of the events will be posted later.

Final selection of the four-man, four-woman NB Team will be made immediately after the second selection trial is completed.

For results of the two competitions of the first selection trial, please see: Results 1, Results 2.

Builder Award Presented          posted 17/12/10

The highest level of individual award of Biathlon NB, the Builder Award, was presented to Jeannine Beattie and Kevin Houlgate of the Oromocto Biathlon Club. Jeannine and Kevin have worked hard for many years for biathlon as athletes, coaches and general volunteers. They have mentored and helped many younger athletes and have brought numerous valuable and innovative ideas to the operations of Biathlon NB, and are highly deserving of the Award.

The couple has moved to Edmonton but were home at the Beatties in Charlo this month and the occasion became an opportunity to present the award plaques. Mike Lushington, the NB Head Coach, made the presentation.

Award Presented to 2RNBR (NS)      posted 04/12/10

The prestigious Biathlon NB "Valued Contributing Organization Award" was presented today to the 2nd Battalion, Royal New Brunswick Regiment (North Shore). Biathlon NB President, Ray Kokkonen, presented the award plaque to Lieutenant Colonel Steve Bass, the Commanding Officer of 2RNBR(NS), at a ceremony held in the Newcastle Armoury in Miramichi. All of the unit personnel were present for the ceremony which was an interlude to the winter indoctrination training being conducted for the unit during the weekend.

With companies in Campbellton, Bathurst and Miramichi, and the HQ in Bathurst, the Battalion is very much a significant element of the north-east NB community. The Battalion has a long history and took part in the D-Day landings in Normandy during the 2nd World War.

The unit received the award for many years of highly important and critical support to Biathlon NB in various forms, such as use of the armouries in Campbellton and Miramichi for training camps and competitive events. Additionally, the Battalion fielded an active biathlon team for several years beginning in the late 1990s. Many members of the unit have been very productive volunteers and functionaries in Biathlon NB - Ron Heppell is an example with his son Kevin and daughter Gina as well-performing members of the NB Team. As well, Ron competes in the Masters category with good success and with his wife Marion is an extremely hard working volunteer in Biathlon NB.

Congratulations for this highly deserved award and a hearfelt thank you to the Commanding Officer and all members of 2RNBR (NS).

Canada Winter Games Trials Approaching       posted 01/12/10

The highly successful Canada Games Training Camp was completed in Martock during 23 and 24 October. It was followed by the "2015" Training Camp on 13 and 14 November in Charlo. Both camps were well attended and well received.

With the training camps in the past, attention is now nervously focussed on the CWG 2011 Selection Trial #1 event which will be held in Charlo during 18 and 19 December. At present, the snow conditions are good but some warm weather and rain are expected in the near future - let's keep our fingers crossed. Selection Trial #2 will happen on 28 and 29 December with the NB Championships and Atlantic Cup #1 on 8 and 9 January 2011 as the alternate timeframe if another selection trial is needed. The invitation, which gives details about Trial #1, can be seen at INVITATION.

Season-start Update  posted 19/10/10

As the start of the biathlon competition season draws near, it's appropriate to do an update of events and activities recently passed and in the future.

The 6th Atlantic Training Camp, held in Miramichi during 27-29 August, was very successful from a training perspective and was satisfying to all of the participants. Athletes and coaches from all across New Brunswick took part with teams from Nova Scotia and PEI. Accommodation in the Newcastle armoury was very practical as everyone was in the same location and being able to prepare food and to eat in location. Many thanks are due to Line Beattie for her excellent work as the Camp Director. As well, the Miramichi Biathletes volunteers who did most of the preparations must be recognized for their good work.

The next significant event which will happen is the Canada Winter Games training camp being held in Camp Aldershot and Martock, NS during 22-24 October. With a focus primarily on bona fide CWG 2011 hopefuls, the program will include shooting, roller-skiing, mental training and fitness activities. Biathlon NB will field 10 athletes and five support staff for the camp and NS and PEI are expected to have similarly sized teams. As much of the training will take place on the CWG site in Martock, it will be a familiarization exercise for both the athletes and the coaches. An instruction about the camp has been sent out to the participating athletes and coaches.

As there is a requirement for a provincial training camp in addition to the CWG camp, it will be held during 12-14 November 2010 in Charlo. The focus of the camp will be on the CWG 2015 hopefuls and has been named as the "2015 Camp".  An instruction will be sent later.

In addition to the athlete training activities, an Advanced Officials course will be held in Charlo, 20/21 November 2010. The camp will be in preparation for the Canadian Championships which will be held in Charlo in March 2011. It is expected that officials from across the Maritimes will attend. For details about the course, please see Invitation.

The major competitive events which will occur this coming winter are:

DEC 2010

18/19 - CWG 2011 Selection Trials #1, Charlo

28/29 - CWG 2011 Selection Trials #2, Charlo

JAN 2011

8/9 - Atlantic Cup #1 and NB Champioships, Charlo

15/16 - Atlantic Cup #2, Martock

21-23 - NB Cadet Championships, Charlo

FEB 2011

5/6 - Eastern Canadian Championships, Valcartier

11-27 - Canada Winter Games 2011 (Biathlon 11-18)   Martock, NS

26/27 - Atlantic Cup #3, Brookvale, PE

TBA     Bears Competition, Miramichi

MAR 2011

5-12 - Cadet National Championships, Valcartier, QC

21-27 - Canadian Championships, Charlo

Please consult the Biathlon NB Annual Plan 2010/2011 for further details.

NB Team Excells at Nationals - Patrick Wins Silver  posted 05/03/10

For the first time ever, a New Brunswick athlete has won a personal medal at the Canadian Championships! Patrick Cote of Grand Falls, NB achieved a truly outstanding feat by winning the Silver Medal in the Men's class in the Individual Competition at the Canadian Championships 2010 in Canmore, Alberta on 4 March. To win the Silver, Patrick performed better than the entire Canadian men's Olympic team who were competing in the same competition.

Patrick's skis were waxed by the NB Team Leader, Line Beattie, and he was sighted in prior to the competition by Phil Nadeau, the Team Shooting Coach.

The NB Team consists of Patrick Cote, Martin and Zacharie Boissonnnault of Charlo, Miriam and Bernard Wierzchoslawska(i) of Miramichi and Gina Heppell of Charlo. In addition to Patrick, the other NB athletes have also achieved credible results during the event. The Nationals will continue with the Pursuit Competitions on Saturday and Relays on Sunday. For detailed results for the event, see: Results.

3rd Atlantic Cup, NB Championships Excitement  posted 11/01/10

The 3rd Atlantic Cup and NB Championships 2010 event was held in Charlo under extremely favourable calm and sunny weather conditions with excellent skiing conditions during 8 to 10 January in Charlo. Participation was widespread from across PEI and NB with 26 athletes competing for the much sought after, but sometimes elusive, medals. Competitions consisted of the Sprints on Saturday and the Pursuits on Sunday with the former also serving as the qualifying competition for the Pursuits. Medals were won by every club that was represented at the event. Results at: Sprint  Pursuit

A truly great banquet was held on Saturday evening with a very tasty meal in the artistically decorated Les Aventuriers Chalet. In addition to the enjoyable meal, medals were presented for Saturdays Sprint competitions. The ladies of Les Aventuriers Juniors have our sincere gratitude for the excellent evening.

We now look forward to the next major event, the Eastern Canadian Championships, which will be held in Martock, NS (site of the 2011 Canada Winter Games) during 22-24 January.

3rd Atlantic Cup and NB Championships      posted 16/12/09

The 3rd Atlantic Cup will be held in Charlo during 8-10 January 2010. Snow conditions are already excellent at the Les Aventuriers Ski Club and are expected to be even better at the time of the event. Participation is expected from across Atlantic Canada. For details about the event, please see INVITATION.

A Highly Successful On-snow Training Camp Held   posted 8/12/09

A training camp was held in Charlo during 4 - 6 December 2009. The camp was originally expected to dry-land but a fortunate snow fall allowed excellent skiing conditions. There were 19 athletes in attendance with about 12 coaches, parents and supporters providing the support base for the camp. The Camp Director, Mike Lushington, was extremely pleased with the participation, the snow conditions and excellent training that was conducted.

The camp began with briefings on Friday evening and continued with intensive skiing and shooting training on Saturday and Sunday, including a fast-paced competition on Sunday morning. A social event on Saturday evening allowed allowed some R and R for everyone and all enjoyed the pizza supper.

Ray Kokkonen Carries Olympic Torch      posted 28/11/09

A tremendously exciting opportunity was presented to Ray to be a part of the Olympic Torch Relay. Although he has a lifetime of very deep involvement with biathlon and other sports, has participated in eight Olympic Games as an official and was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 1999, ironically he was selected by the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association to run as a Canadian Forces veteran. His run was in Bathurst, NB on 27 November in pouring rain and very strong winds but it was the experience of a lifetime to be involved in such an historic event. The torch will travel 45,000 km, carried by 12,000 torchbearers through over 1000 communities and will arrive in Vancouver on 12 February 2010 to light the Olympic flame for the Vancouver/Whistler Olympic Winter Games 2010. 

PREVIOUS NEWS***************************************************************

2nd Atlantic Cup Rescheduled      posted 14/02/09

The 2nd Atlantic Cup was originally intended to be held in Brookvale, PE on 17/18 January but cold weather forced a cancellation for those dates. The event is now rescheduled for 21/22 February. Registrations for the NB Team have been submitted but the deadline is not until the 16 February so anyone interested can still register. For details, please see the Invitation.


Eastern Canadian Championships 2009  posted 14/02/09

The Eastern Canadian Championships were held in Charlo during 6 to 8 February with participants from QC, NS, PE and NB competing for medals in the Sprint and Pursuit competitions. The weather was excellent on both Saturday and Sunday, fostering high spirits in athletes, coaches and officials. The event was a medals haul for NB with six medals in the Sprints and seven in the Pursuits.

The Championships were also impressive in that about 90 officials volunteered their time over three days to conduct the training and the competitions. An excellent banquet with medals presentations on Saturday evening at the LaSource restaurant was enjoyed by all

New Brunswick Championships 2009  posted 14/02/09

The NB Championships were held on 3/4 January 2009 in Charlo with representation from all of the clubs. The Championships were a succcess with medals won by athletes across the province. A banquet organized by the Aventuriers Juniors ladies was appreciated by everyone.

Fall Training Camp to be held in Charlo posted 31/10/08

A dry-land training camp will be held in Charlo during 1 and 2 November 2008. The camp will focus on competitive shooting in preparation for the coming competition season. Athletes from all across the province are expected to participate. The social highlight of the camp will be a pizza supper on Saturday evening.

 FALL UPDATE    posted 31/10/08

Several notable activities have taken place this fall and a summary follows:

Patrick Côté Wins Three Medals at NorAm Championships!

Patrick Côté of Grand Falls achieved remarkable success at the North American Summer Biathlon Championships and National Team Selection Trials held in September 2008 in Canmore, AB where he won two silver and one bronze medals. As a result of his outstanding success and his performance during the last season, he is now rated as the fouth best senior man in Canada.  He will participate as a member of the National Team in a World Cup and the IBU Cup circuit in Europe this winter. Patrick is shown below on the second place podium at the event in Canmore.

Miramichi Coaches Attend Bears Course in Halifax

A Community Gold level coaching course was held in Shearwater (Halifax) during 4 and 5 October 2008 and four coaches from Miramichi attended. The training was in preparation for the start of training for the Biathlon Bears program - similar to the cross country Jackrabbits - in November of this year. The four succesful particpants are shown below:

Herman Koops (left), Dr. Kris Wierzchoslawski , Yves St. Germain and Ray Kokkonen from Miramichi show off their gold badges with instructor Brian Seidel in the centre.

Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club Receives Biathlon Grant

Biathlon Canada awarded the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club a $5000 grant for the Biathlon Bears program beginning in November. Miramichi was one of only four clubs across Canada to receive this coveted grant. The grant was based on the plan submitted jointly by the Club and Biathlon NB.

4th Atlantic Training Camp Highly Successful  posted 1/09/08

The 4th Atlantic Training Camp held in Charlo during 22 - 24 August was even better than expected. Over 20 athletes from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, including Cross Country NB representation, participated in round-robin activities of testing, shooting, roller-skiing, hill climbing and various planning exercises. The coach- athlete ratio was ideal with eight coaches taking part in the camp. Four Biathlon NB clubs were represented - Charlo, Miramichi, Moncton and Oromocto.

Saturday evening was the culmination of the traditional team building exercise of the athletes shopping for and cooking the supper meal, and cleaning up afterwards. The meal, which was held at the Les Aventuriers chalet, was outstanding and many thanks are due to Samantha Saucier, as the very competent leader,  and all the athletes. Variety and excellent taste characterized the meal.

Following the meal, the Biathlon NB annual awards were presented by President Ray Kokkonen. Recipients were as follows:

Athlete of the Year - Patrick Côté

Volunteers of the Year - Marion Heppell, Paule DeBoucherville and                                                Julie Chouinard

Contributing Organization - Club Les Aventuriers, Charlo
Builder Award - Mike Lushington

The awards are extremely meaningful and represent dedication, hard work, loyalty and competence by the recipients. In particular, the three Volunteers of the Year deserve the gratitude of Biathlon NB for the highly important, time consuming and often thankless assistance and support they have given in many ways in the past year, and in other years. As well, Mike Lushington, as the Head Coach, has spent countless volunteer hours over many years helping athletes achieve their best and is very deserving of this highest honour Biathlon NB gives.

Also as part of the training camp, an election was held to select a new Athlete Representative because Maxime Bernard had to relinquish the position for personal reasons. The new Athlete Representative is Kevin Heppell - welcome aboard Kevin.

We look forward to the 5th Atlantic Training Camp next year.

Photos of the camp will be posted soon.

4th Atlantic Training Camp to be Held in Charlo   posted 23/07/08

The 4th Atlantic Training Camp will be held at Les Aventuriers Ski Club in Charlo during 22 - 24 August 2008. As backgound, the first and second camps were hosted by Biathlon NB and the third was hosted by Biathlon NS last year. With participation from all across the region, the camp has always been both productive and enjoyable. This year, for the first time, Cross Country NB also has been invited to send participants.

There will be plenty of activities at the camp with long-term goal setting and time management; nutrition; fall training techniques; precision and competition shooting; mental training; fitness testing; equipment information; and, roller ski training (if possible) planned for the program. As well the Saturday evening meal will be a team building exercise with some athletes doing the shopping, another group performing the cooking and the third group cleaning up. All in all, the camp promises to be a very worthwhile event to attend.

To view the invitation for the camp, please click INVITATION.

Biathlon NB AGM 2008 Highlights     posted 18/06/08

The 2008 Annual General Meeting was held on 31 May in Miramichi and the following are the highlights of the decisions which were made.

1. Annual Plan 2008/2009

The annual plan for 2008/2009 was approved in principle subject to changes which may be required as a result of Biathlon Canada decisions. To see the plan, click on Annual Plan

2. Budget 2008/2009

The budget for 2008/2009, approximately $43, 000, was approved in principle.

3. Rifle Leasing Policy

A policy of leasing Biathlon NB rifles to athletes at $200 per year was put in place, beginning this year. The rifles will remain a Biathlon NB resource for events.

4. New Logo for Biathlon NB

A new Biathlon NB logo was approved - Annual Awards

Awards were announced as follows, congratulations to the very deserving winners:

Female Athlete of the Year - To be awarded later
Male Athlete of the Year - To be awarded later
Coach of the Year - To be awarded later
Volunteers of the Year - Marion Heppell, Paule DeBoucherville and                                              Julie Chouinard
Contributing Organization - Club Les Aventuriers, Charlo
Builder Award - Mike Lushington

6 . Elections

Elections took place for some Executive positions. All of the current Executive is shown below with the new members in blue:

President - Ray Kokkonen, Miramichi
VP Administration - Rheal Laviolette, Charlo
VP Technical - Marc Levesque, Charlo
Secretary - Lisa Belliveau, Moncton
Treasurer - Sandy Mullin, Miramichi
Athlete Representative - Maxime Bernard, Charlo
Coaching Development Chair - Mike Lushington, Dalhousie
Officials Chair - Maurice Chasse, Memramcook
Membership Chair - Wade Hunter, Oromocto
Marketing Chair - Yves St.Germain (later appointment), Miramichi
Cadet Representative - Vacant

Appointed Positions:

Head Coach - Mike Lushington

Shooting Coach - Phil Nadeau

Wax Technician (Apprentice) Yves St. Germain

Biathlon NB AGM to be Held in Miramichi     posted 22/05/08

The 2008 Annual General Meeting of Biathlon NB will be held at 13:00 hrs, 31 May at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 in Miramichi (Newcastle). All members and prospective members are invited to attend. The information package for the meeting, including the reports for 2007/2008 and proposed plans for 2008/2009,can be viewed at  AGMPackage.

Biathlon Demos a Big Success     posted 22/03/08

Demonstrations were held about the sport of biathlon at two cross country events - 9 February at the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club and 15 March at Les Aventuriers in Charlo. Cross country enthusiasts had an opportunity to shoot at falling plate targets with air rifles after having skied to raise their pulse rate, a quite a challenge. These two events were the first mutual activities between Cross Country NB and Biathlon NB and it is expected that more various types of events will be held together by the two organizations.

Dave Moore, Chairman of Cross Country NB shows his skill at the shooting range during the biathlon demonstration in Charlo on 15 March.

NB Team at Eastern Canadian Championships     posted 01/03/08

The NB Team is participating in the North American Cup #7 and the Eastern Canadian Championships in CFB Valcartier, QC during 1 and 2 March 2008. The event will consist of an Individual competition on Saturday and a Pursuit on Sunday, with a banquet on Saturday evening. Athletes from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are taking part.

Participating as the NB Team are:

Team Leader – Marc Levesque

Head Coach – Mike Lushington

Shooting Coach – Phil Nadeau

Coach – Line Beattie

Maxime Bernard - Youth Men

Claudia Saucier- Youth Women

Laurent Levesque, Kevin Heppell, Pierre Frigault - Senior Boys

Beckie Rigby - Senior Girls

Calvin Ryan, Zacharie Boissonnault - Junior Boys

Gina Heppell - Junior Girls


Also taking part as Team supporters are Marion Heppell and the Family Boissonnault who will all be cheering loudly for our athletes.

We look forward eagerly for the results which will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Coming Events         posted 19/01/08

With the Atlantic Cup and NB Championships successfully completed, we now look forward to participating in the Eastern Canadian Championships in Valcartier, QC, 1 and 2 March with as big a team as possible. During 25 - 30 March, the NB Team will be at the Canadian Championships in BC. Other events of interest are the British Army Championships in Austria and Germany with the team from the Infantry School in Gagetown participating with Nathan DenHollander as the team leader. The NB Cadet Championships will be held in Charlo during 1 - 3 February and the Cadet Nationals will be in Valcartier 9 - 15 March.

With the kind cooperation of Cross Country NB, two demonstration biathlon competitions with air rifles will be held in conjunction with cross country races.  On 9 February the first event will take place at the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club and the second will be held in Charlo at Les Aventuriers on 15 March.

1st Atlantic Cup, NB Champs a Huge Success posted 06/01/08

Favourable weather conditions and representation from all three Maritime provinces made the first-ever Atlantic Cup and the New Brunswick Championships, held in Charlo during 3 - 5 January, a very successful and enjoyable event. The program consisted of training on Thursday, Individual competitions on Friday with the Sprints on Saturday. Although the start of the Individual competitions on Friday had to be delayed until 1:00 pm because of anticipated cold temperatures, the weather cooperated and no unusual or uncomfortable conditions were experienced.

A banquet with the Individual competitions medals presentations was held on Friday evening at the Les Aventuriers chalet with an excellent meal prepared by the ladies of the Les Aventuriers Juniors.  Medals for the Sprint competitions were awarded in the chalet on Saturday after the competitions.

The NB Championships also served as the selection trials for the Team which will represent New Brunswick at the Canadian Championships at the 2010 Olympic biathlon venue near Whistler, BC during 25 - 30 March 2008.  Marc Levesque of Charlo as the Team Leader and Mike Lushington of Dalhousie as Head Coach will lead the Team at this very important event. The selected athletes are: Laurent Levesque, Charlo, Gordon Eagle, Oromocto, Kevin Heppell, Charlo, Jeannine Beattie, Oromocto and Claudia Saucier, Charlo. Other athletes may be sanctioned by the Selection Committee on a case-by-case basis. Ray Kokkonen of Miramichi will also participate at the Championships as the Biathlon Canada appointed Technical Delegate for the event.

It is hoped that the Atlantic Cup event will be perpetuated - as it is enjoyable and important for the development of biathlon in the region - and that each Atlantic province has a chance to host the event in the near future.

For results, please see Individuals (Fri) and Sprints (Sat)

1st Atlantic Cup, NB Championships to be  Held posted 16/12/07

The first-ever Atlantic Cup will be held in conjunction with the NB Championships in Charlo during 3 - 6 January 2008. All of the four Atlantic provinces have been invited to participate. The event wil also serve as the selection trials to pick the NB Team for the Canadian Championships which will be hosted on the biathlon venue of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games near Whistler, BC in March 2008.

For details about the Atlantic Cup and the NB Championships, please see Invitation


Biathlon NB Update Information   posted 11/12/07

The Biathlon NB Annual Plan has been updated - for details of what is planned for the rest of this season, please see Program .

An update report on Biathlon NB past and future activities can be seen at Update.

Atlantic Training Camp to be Held in NS   posted 22/09/07

With the cancellation of the 3rd Annual Atlantic Training Camp, which was planned to held in Gagetown, Biathlon Nova Scotia has offered to host the camp in Shearwater, NS during 20 and 21 October 2007. The Biathlon NB Executive has decided that NB will take part in the camp - details will be published soon about NB participation. As advance information, the camp instruction issued by Biathlon NS can be viewed at Instruction

3rd Annual Atlantic Training Camp to be Held   posted 08/07/07

The 3rd Annual Atlantic Training Camp will be held in CFB Gagetown during 24 - 26 August 2007. All of the four Atlntic provinces have been invited to attend. The camp activities will consist of fitness testing, roller-skiing, shooting training and a fun competition. For details, please see Camp Invitation.

Biathlon Canada AGM Highlights   posted 08/07/07

The Biathlon Canada AGM and associated meetings were held in Ottawa during 1 - 3 June 2007. Some of the highlights are:

- Patrick Cote named to Senior National Team

- Lisa Belliveau re-elected as Biathlon Canada Secretary

- Ray Kokkonen re-elected as Chairman of the Board

- Membership fees raised - Biathlon NB rates will now be:

  Coach, Official, Supporter - $25

  Senior Athlete (Senior Boys/Girls and older) - $90

  Junior Athlete (Junior Boys/Girls and younger) - $60

  Club - $150

Biathlon NB AGM Highlights   posted 08/07/07

The Biathlon NB AGM took place on 19 May 2007 in Miramichi. Pending finalization of the minutes, here are the highlights.

1. The annual plan for 2007/2008 was approved in principle subject

     to changes which may be required as a result of Biathlon Canada


2. A Biathlon NB long-term plan 2007-2011 was approved in


3. The budget for 2007/2008, approximately $40, 000, was
    approved in principle.

4.  A Maritime Cup concept was approved in principle.

5.  Draft instruction for the Atlantic Training Camp was tabled.

6. The Cooper fitness test was set as the standard for athlete
    testing in Biathlon NB.

7. Re-imbursement rate for private auto use increased to
    30 cents/km from 20 cents.

8. An awards policy was approved in principle.

9. Awards were announced as follows:

Female Athlete of the Year - Samantha Saucier
Male Athlete of the Year - Gord Eagle
Coaches of the Year - Line Beattie, Phil Nadeau
Volunteer of the Year - Marc Levesque
Contributing Organization - Infantry School, Combat Training

                                                     Centre, CFB Gagetown
Builder Award - not given at AGM but later awarded to Lisa Belliveau

10. Elections took place with the following people now being
      in the positions on the Executive:

President - Ray Kokkonen
VP Administration - Rheal Laviolette
VP Technical - Nathan DenHollander
Secretary - Lisa Belliveau
Treasurer - vacant
Athlete Representative - Samantha Saucier
Coaching Development Chair - Mike Lushington (also Head Coach)
Officials Chair - Nathan DenHollander
Membership Chair - Wade Hunter
Marketing Chair - Ron Revelle
Cadet Representative - vacant

Training Camp Cancelled, AGM Moved    posted 17/05/07

As a result of unexpected conflicting events, the training camp which was scheduled to be held in CFB Gagetown during 18-20 May 2007 had to be cancelled. A decision will be made later whether the camp will be held on another date or cancelled completely. If it is cancelled, the next camp will be the Atlantic Training Camp during 24-26 August.

The Biathlon NB Annual General Meeting was intended to be held in conjunction with the training camp in CFB Gagetown on 19 May, with the athletes from the training camp having an opportunity to participate in the AGM. However, with the cancellation of the training camp, the AGM has been moved. It will now be held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 in the Seniors Room, Miramichi (Newcastle) at 1300 hrs. The AGM will be preceded by an Executive meeting at 1100 hrs on Saturday, 19 May 2007. To view details about the AGM click Invitation.

Canadian Championships a Huge Success    posted 09/04/07

The Canadian Biathlon Championships 2007 were held in Charlo during 19 - 25 March, hosted by the organizing committee of Club Les Aventuriers. Based on the comments of the participating teams, everyone appreciated and enjoyed the Championships. Although freezing rain on Thursday made conditions a bit messy for the Individual competitions, the weather on Saturday and Sunday - bright sunny skies and calm winds - more than made up for it.

The NB Team made a credible showing with several top-ten placings, the best-ever for NB at the Canadian Championships.

The social events, a reception, Sugar Shack evening and the banquet were a big hit with the participants and gave some Acadian flavour to the event.

Only the absence of Senator Romeo Dallaire, the Patron of Biathlon Canada, who was unable to attend for personal reasons, put a bit of a damper on the atmosphere of the event.

Biathlon NB extends well deserved congratulations and sincere thanks to Marc Levesque, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, and all of the volunteers who worked hard and long to prepare for and to conduct an outstanding Championships - well done.

Charlo Ready for the Canadian Championships    posted 18/03/07

The volunteers of the Organizing Committee at the Club Les Aventuriers in Charlo, NB have been working long and hard to make sure that everything is extremely well prepared for the Canadian Biathlon Championships being held there during 19 - 25 March 2007. Weather and snow conditions are excellent with about 20 cm of new snow having fallen last night on top of 1 meter of old snow and the forecast is very favourable for the week.

Participation numbers will be high with 156 athletes having registered. All divisions except YT will be represented at the Championships and 20 + athletes from the USA will also take part. The large numbers of Senior Boys and Girls age 15/16, 63 in total, facilitates a very convenient dividing of the competitor classes so that all IBU classes - Men, Women, Junior Men and Women, and Youth Men and Women - will compete in the mornings and the Senior Boys and Girls in the afternoon.

The week will be full of exciting activities as shown below:

Wed, 21 March - Official Training, Opening Ceremonies at 12:00

Thu, 22 March - Individual Competitions

Fri,    23 March - Official Training

Sat,   24 March - Sprint Competitions

Sun, 25 March - Pursuit Competitions

A Sugar Shack evening Thursday evening, featuring a campfire and maple syrup snacks, will add an outdoor social element to the event for everyone while the banquet Saturday evening will be more formal and will include medals presentations.

The presence of Senator Romeo Dallaire, Patron of Biathlon Canada, at the Sprint competitions and the banquet on Saturday will be an important element of the event. Patrick Cote of Grand Falls, NB, a medallist at the Junior World Championships in 2005, will add a local flavour.

As information for teams arriving, the first reception on arrival will be at the chalet at Club Les Aventuriers where you will receive the team wax cabin key. After that you will be directed to the Competition Office at the stadium where you will receive your information packages and will be able to complete other team adminsitration. If you arrive after 4 pm, please go directly to your hotel and go to the stadium in the morning

We look forward to seeing everyone there and spectators are very welcome to come and see the exciting and challenging world of biathlon.

NB Team Successful at Canada Games          posted 17/03/07

Despite extremely harsh weather conditions in Whitehorse, the NB Team bravely faced -20 degree temperatures to compete and to perform credibly. Although each athlete put all their efforts into every competition, the NB Team had a major disadvantage with the Russian-made Iszmash rifles which shoot very inaccurately at temperatures colder than -12 degrees Celsius. It was very disappointing to see that the amount of funding that sports receive in their provinces and territories can make a huge difference in performance. Biathlon NB can only afford to buy the Russian rifles which cost about $1800 while almost every other team has enough government funding to have the German-made Anshutz rifles which cost over $4000 - and which shoot accurately at all temperatures.

In addition to the adventure of the travel to Whitehorse, virtually everyone who participated in week 1 of the Games lost some of their luggage on the return trip. The NB Team rifles arrived almost two weeks after departure.

The NB Team now continues preparations for the Canadian Championships which will be held at the Les Aventuriers Club in Charlo during 19 - 25 March 2007. Snow conditions remain excellent in Charlo. We anticipate strong performance from the NB Team as each athlete will now compete in their own age category instead of competing upward in age in the Junior Men's or Women's classes which was required for the Canada Games. The instruction for the NB Team participation at the Canadian Championships can be seen at Instruction.

NEWS UPDATE SUMMARY                    posted 22/02/07

A variety of events and activities have occurred during the past two months which should be noted as well as developments for future activites.

Canada Winter Games 2007

The 11 member NB Canada Winter Games Team, led by coaches Line Beattie, Mike Lushington and Philip Nadeau, will depart for Whitehorse today and will participate in the Opening Ceremonies which will be held on Friday, 23 February. Everything appears very positive for the Games and we can expect best-ever results from our Team. However, the weather forecast for the beginning of the competitions is not very favourable with a high of minus 22 being predicted for Monday for the first competitions noting that a competition cannot be held if the temperature is colder than minus 20. Hopefully the weather will become milder as the week progresses.

First Ever Bears Event

A Biathlon Bears competitive event will be hosted by the Oromocto Biathlon Club on 3 March. For additional details, please see Invitation.

Canadian Championships 2007 Preparations

Preparations for the Championships at the Les Aventuriers Club in Charlo, 19 - 25 March, are progressing very well. Two highlights are the $20,000 NB Government grant for the event and the press conference which was held on 12 February with 11 media agencies present. With recruiting of volunteers having passed the 100 mark and with the expected participation of approximately 150 athletes from all across Canada and the US, event will be one to be remembered.

Training Courses

Officials courses were held in several locations: a Basic officials in CFB Gagetown on 25 November, a Technical Delegate course in Shearwater on 2 and 3 December for all of Atlantic Canada sponsored by the Cadet movement, an Advanced course in Charlo on 13 and 14 January, and a Basic course on 11 February in Charlo.

All of the courses were well attended by people from across Atlantic Canada and significantly increased the numbers of qualified officials in our area.

A coaching Level 2 Technical course was held in CFB Gagetown during 3 and 4 February.

Competitive Events

A Biathlon NB Team of five competitors, led by Nathan DenHollander participated in the North American Cup #4 event in CFB Valcartier on 6 and 7 January with the result of one silver medal.

As an additional bonus, Senator Romeo Dallaire will be attending the Championships in his role as the Patron of Biathlon Canada. As well, Patrick Cote of Grand Falls, a medalist in the Youth World Championships 2005 Relay and a member of the Biathlon Canada National Team,, will be competing wearing the NB uniform.

CWG Team Selected at NB Championships  posted 29/12/06

The NB Biathlon Championships and the Canada Winter Games 2007 Selection Trial #2 were held in Charlo during 27 and 28 December 2006. Two competitions were conducted, the Individuals on Wednesday and Sprints on Thursday. Results can be seen at: Individual and Sprint. The event finalized the four competition selection trials for the Canada Games 2007 Team. The Team is shown below - congratulations!


Team Manager - Phil Nadeau, Charlo

Female Coach - Line Beattie, Charlo

Male Coach - Mike Lushington (also Head Coach), Dalhousie


Jeannine Beattie, Charlo

Claudia Saucier, Charlo

Samantha Saucier, Charlo

Chantal Prosser, Moncton

Reserve Member - Becky Rigby, Moncton


Derek Dagenais-Guy, Moncton

Laurent Levesque, Charlo

Kevin Heppell, Charlo

Gord Eagle, Oromocto

Reserve Member - Martin Blanchard, Moncton

Canada Games Selection Trials 2 to be Held  posted 26/12/06The second of the two Canada Winter Games 2007 selection trials will be held in conjunction with the NB Championships during 27 and 28 December 2006 in Charlo. Selections for the NB Team for the CWG 2007 in Whitehorse, YT will be finalized after this event. For further information, please see INVITATION

Canada Games Selection Trials Held       posted 20/12/06

The first of two selection events for the Canada Winter Games 2007 biathlon team was held in Charlo during 16 and 17 December.Selection Trial #1 consisted of a Sprint competition on Saturday and an Individual competition on Sunday. Despite somewhat meager snow conditions both competitions were successful. For results, see: SPRINT  INDIVIDUAL

The next selection event will be held during 27 and 28 December in Charlo in conjunction with the NB Championships. An invitation will be issued soon.

Biathlon NB Racing Suit Information       posted 19/10/06An exclusive and unique racing suit will soon be available for all Biathlon NB members to purchase. For information please see: Racing Suit


Patrick Cote Returns to NB Team     posted 19/10/06

Patrick Cote will be a part of the Biathlon NB Team during the 2006/2007 season, which is thrilling news for Biathlon NB. Patrick will participate as a NB Team member at the 2007 Canadian Championships in Charlo in February and, although he will continue to live in Canmore, AB, he will also ski under the NB banner at all other events in which he will participate this winter. Biathlon NB is providing some support for Patrick. Welcome back Patrick.

New Cadet Representative Named to Biathlon NB  posted 19/10/06

Following the retirement of Major Ron Revelle, a new Cadet Representative has been appointed to be a part of the Biathlon NB Executive - Captain Luc Plourde. We welcome Luc and look forward to working with him.

Training Camp Held for CWG Training Squad   posted 03/10/06

A training camp was held at Les Aventuriers Ski Club in Charlo during 29 September - 1 October 2006 for the Canada Winter Games 2007 Training Squad. The training was conducted under direction of Head Coach Mike Lushington of Dalhousie, assisted by coaches Line Beattie and Phil Nadeau from Charlo, Don Prosser from Moncton and Bob Davis from Oromocto, for 15 athletes in the Training Squad. Intensive training was done in shooting and roller-skiing with various other fitness activities and mental training augmenting the program. A team building dinner creation exercise, including shopping and cooking, by the athletes on Saturday led to an excellent dinner which was enjoyed by all. For dessert, a cake baked by Samantha Saucier was brought out as a surprise for Ray Kokkonen's birthday and provided a tasty finale for the dinner. Photos of the camp are posted in the Photo Gallery.

The next provincial level activities will be the various officials and coaching courses in October and November (as shown in the BNB annual plan) and the Canada Winter Games 2007 selection trials being held in Charlo during 15 - 17 and 26 - 28 December 2006. The trials are open to anyone who wishes to try out for the New Brunswick Biathlon Team for the Canada Winter Games 2007 in Whitehorse, YT. The selection criteria and the Games Technical Package can be seen at Selection

Invitation for 2nd Annual Atlantic Training Camp  posted 11/08/06

The invitation for the 2nd Annual Atlantic Training Camp in Camp Argonaut, NB during 25 - 27 August 2006 has been issued - to read it, please click INVITATION. Participation is expected from all four Atlantic provinces for this very important training event.

The detailed instruction will be issued by 15 August 2006.

Annual General Meeting 2006 Held in Miramichi   posted 15/06/06

The Biathlon NB Annual General Meeting 2006 was held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 in Miramichi on 20 May. Attendance was better than normal and all of the necessary business was conducted with good results. In outline, the AGM approved the annual plan and budget for 2006/2007, made two by-elections and designated the annual awards.

The program for the season 2006/2007 is quite ambitious and has two major highlights - the Canada Winter Games 2007 in Whitehorse, Yukon and the Canadian Championships right here in Charlo, NB. To see the annual plan, click on Program

By-elections were held for two positions, the Treasurer and the new Mmebership Committee Chair - both voting Executive positions. The new Treasurer is Rhonda Cudmore of Moncton and the Membersip Chair is Wade Hunter of Oromocto who is also the Oromocto Biathlon Club President. Welcome aboard Rhonda and Wade.

With many deserving members who served Biathlon NB very loyally and with dedication during the past year, it was a difficult task to determine who should receive the prestigious recognition. After due deliberation, the awards were made as follows:

Female Athlete of the Year: Jeannine Beattie, Charlo

Male Athlete of the Year: Lauren Levesque, Charlo

Coach of the Year: Randy Dunn, Oromocto

Volunteer of the Year: Phil Nadeau, Charlo

Builder (new award): Ron Revelle, Oromocto

Contributing Organization of the Year: NB/PEI Cadet Detachment

Congratulations and thank you to the recipients.

The next event to which we look forward is the Atlantic Training Camp being held in CFB Gagetown 25 - 27 August 2006 and which will have participation from PE, NS, NL and NB. See you there.

Annual General Meeting 2006    posted 13/05/06

The Biathlon NB Annual General Meeting 2006 will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 in Miramichi (Newcastle) at 1300 hrs, 20 May 2006. The purpose of the meeting is to set the plans and budget for biathlon activities for the season 2006/2007. Everyone interested in biathlon is welcome, however, only members have the right to vote.

To see the official invitation, click Invitation.

More Photos from Nationals      posted 17/04/06

Additional photos of the Canadian Championships held in Valcartier at the end of March have been posted in the PHOTO GALLERY, courtesy of Lisa Belliveau. A CD of Lisa's photos has also been given to a coach from each club.

Easter Training Camp a Success     posted 17/04/06

The Easter training camp held in Charlo during 13 - 15 April 2006 was well attended despite the holiday and the some questions whether skiable snow conditions would hold. With six coaches taking part, the 16 particpating athletes received very focussed coaching which was beneficial for both the athletes and the coaches. The camp consisted of addressing the lessons learned during the past season, planning for the coming season and a competition.

A 10 km Individual competition with four bouts of shooting was held under good skiing conditions on Friday, 14 April, with athletes carrying backpacks to simulate the weight of rifles. On arrival at the range, the backpack was traded for a rifle which was deposited at the exit rack after shooting, and the backpack then put back on. A fun pizza supper was attended by everyone after the competition Friday evening.

Winners of the competition in the female and male classes respectively were Jeannine Beattie and Lauren Levesque, both from Charlo,

Easter Training Camp to be Held in Charlo  posted 06/04/06

The traditional Easter training camp will be held in Charlo during 13 - 15 April 2006. Objectives of the camp are to address the lessons learned during the past season and to plan for the coming season. Activities will consist of two competitions and planning sessions.

Snow conditions at Charlo are still excellent and the training camp is expected to be highly productive. For information about the camp, please see Instruction.

Nationals a Learning Experience for NB   posted 06/04/06

A team of 16 athletes and five coaches from NB participated at the National Championships at CFB Valcartier during 21 - 26 March 2006. As well, three NB officials took part. The event was an outstanding success as a social and cultural experience for the entire team. As well, some very clear lessons were learned about the quality of competition nationally and where NB stands. Everyone returned home with personal plans for hard work to improve performance for the Nationals next year which will be held in Charlo.

A very memorable element of the event was the participation of the Biathlon Canada Patron, General Romeo Dallaire, Senator. Several of the NB athletes had a chance to chat with the Senator.

Some photos of the event have been posted in the Photo Gallery and more will be added when they become available.

NB to Field Largest-Ever Team at Nationals  posted 08/03/06

The largest-ever biathlon team from NB will take part in the North American and Canadian Championships at the Myriam Bedard Centre in CFB Valcartier, QC during 21 - 26 March 2006. Led by Mike Lushington of Dalhousie as the Team Leader and Head Coach, the Team will consist of four other team staff and 17 athletes. Three clubs and the associated areas will be represented on the Team - Charlo, Moncton and Oromocto.

The event in Quebec will include three competitions, the Individual, Sprint and Pursuit and all of the NB athletes will participate in all of the competitions. Although it is very difficult to forecast any results, the NB Team will be working hard for medals.

For additional details about the event, click on Invitation and for specifics about the NB Team participation see Instruction.

NA Cup 5 and Eastern Canadian Champs Held posted 28/02/06

The largest biathlon event in New Brunswick this season was held at the Les Aventuriers Ski Club in Charlo during 24 - 26 February. Participation was from widespread locations including, New York state, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Three NB clubs - Charlo, Moncton and Oromocto - represented the province achieving outstanding results with a combined total of 16 medals in the North American Cup and Eastern Canadian Championships. The medals count is the highest ever by NB in any event indicating a very high level of development in the province recently. For results, click on Results.

A very dignified opening ceremony consisting of the singing of the national anthems of the US and Canada by a local group led by Lise Corbin began the competitions on Saturday. The setting was very stirring under a clear sunny sky with the flags of Canada, USA and the participating provinces flapping in the strong breeze. After the competitions on Saturday, a very enjoyable banquet with medals presentations was held at the LaSource Restaurant in Charlo in the evening.

The event was intended to include the Individual competitions on Saturday and the Sprints on Sunday and although the Saturday activities were held very successfully, the combination of cold temperature (-15 C) and strong winds gusting to 60 km/h caused the cancellation of the Sunday competitions. However, many athletes took the opportunity to do some additional training, well covered against the cold, on Sunday.

Photos of the event will be posted shortly in the Photo Gallery. The next major event for Biathlon NB will be the Canadian Championships in Valcartier, QC,  20-26 March 2006. NB will participate with a team of approximately 15 athletes and five coaches.

NorAm Cup #5 and Eastern Canadian Champs     posted 08/02/06

The instruction for Biathlon NB participation in this event has been posted. Please click on Instruction.

To volunteer for this event as an official, please contact the Competition Chief, Rheal Laviolette at:, or phone (506) 684-2233.

Important Coming Events       posted 18/01/06

Three important events are on the horizon in the near future for Biathlon NB as follows:

North American Cup #5 and Eastern Canadian Championships,      Charlo, 24-26 February 2006 - Invitation This event is expected to be quite large with possible participation from the USA, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and perhaps Newfoundland. Biathlon NB will take part with a full team - a provincial instruction for NB will be issued shortly.

Basic Officials Course, Charlo, 21 January 2006 - Invitation

Coach Level 2 Technical, Charlo, 21/22 January 2006 - Invitation

NB Championships Held in Charlo       posted 31/12/05

A very successful NB Biathlon Championships 2005 were held in Charlo during 27 - 30 December with 30 athletes participating - double the number of last year's entries. The first day, Wednesday, was dedicated to training with a focus on skiing techniques because it was the first on-snow opportunity for many of the athletes. On Thursday, the Championships began with Individual competitions being held in the morning for Youth Men and Junior Boys and for Youth Women, Senior Boys, Senior Girls and Junior Girls in the afternoon. Conditions were almost ideal and many good results were achieved. A banquet with medals presentations wrapped up Thursday with an excellent meal at the LaSource Restaurant with 45 athletes, coaches, volunteers and parents attending. Unfortunately, unsafe trail conditions caused by the snow storm and subsequent rain forced the cancellation of the Sprint competitions planned for Friday.

Many thanks must be given to the athletes, coaches and volunteers who worked very hard to prepare for and to conduct the competitions on Thursday, under difficult circumstances.

Photos of the event will be posted soon. Results for the Individual competitions can be seen at Results

The next Biathlon NB activities will be the Level 2 Coaching Seminar on 21/22 January and the Basic Officials Course on 21 January 2006, both being held in Charlo. A major event, the Eastern Canadian Championships and North American Cup #5 will be held in Charlo during 24 - 26 February 2006